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What Blue Fox does best is protect your property from damage while maintaining high occupancy rates.

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Here’s a snapshot of how we do that:

  • Risk Free Guarantee

    We have the industry-specific knowledge that protects our clients’ property, creates high occupancy rates, and keeps our clients in compliance with the most current laws.
  • Property Management Focused

    Blue Fox is a Tucson property management specialist. Our resources and personnel are devoted to the protection of our clients’ property. In addition, our documentation and processes are designed to save you money.
  • Reduced Legal Liability

    Liability management is priceless! You don't need to be an expert on state and federal regulations in order to remain in compliance; we make that easy. We operate only with the most current information and contracts, as remaining abreast of the latest laws is a priority. For example, when marijuana was legalized in Arizona, we revised our lease agreements to provide owners with the ability to properly address a tenant smoking marijuana in their home.
  • Pre-Tenant Photos And Documentation

    We are loss management experts. We know what needs to be documented (even the inside of the fridge!). Noting everything ahead of time means the tenant, not you, pays for damages caused by them. Our documentation is extensive, and our thoroughness and systems create time-tested loss management processes.
  • Tenants’ HOA Compliance

    We anticipate HOA issues in our contracts, with language written into our lease agreements that holds tenants accountable for all compliance requirements and fines. In one instance, we saved a client nearly $1,000 in HOA fines specifically because the tenants’ obligations were clearly outlined in our lease agreement and we enforced the agreement!
  • Tenant Screening

    We do not accept just any rental application. We thoroughly screen the tenants that will ultimately live in your property. We check credit, criminal, employment and rental history and verify income. This process is one of the best ways for us to mitigate the risk of having a challenging tenancy.
  • Positive Tenant Experience

    We are keenly aware that most tenants decide within the first 30 days whether or not they will renew their lease. If they have a positive experience from the start, they are far more likely to remain a long-term tenant. Cultivating a positive, professional relationship with tenants means that they have a greater sense that they have found home - translating into a long-term, more profitable arrangement for you.
  • Risk Management

    We have the industry-specific knowledge that protects our clients’ property, creates high occupancy rates, and keeps our clients in compliance with the most current laws.
  • Easy Planning and Clear Expectations

    With our simple fee structure, there are no “swings” in monthly billing. You’re not nickel-and-dimed, offering you budgetary peace of mind.

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“Blue Fox property management takes all of the headaches out of owning a rental property! Steve is very professional, organized and possesses an incredible amount of industry knowledge and know how. He is always prompt in responding to any questions or problems that may arise with our properties, and is always a pleasure to work with. Thanks for the job Steve!”
 ~ Gary Matteucci, Client/Landlord, Tucson, AZ

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Attractions downtown include the Hotel Congress designed in 1919, the Art Deco Fox Theater designed in 1929, the Rialto Theatre opened in 1920, and St. Augustine Cathedral completed in 1896. As one of the oldest parts of town, Central Tucson is anchored by the Broadway Village shopping center designed by local architect Josias Joesler at the intersection of Broadway Boulevard and Country Club Road. Tucson's largest park, Reid Park is located in midtown and includes Reid Park Zoo and Hi Corbett Field. Central Tucson is bicycle-friendly. To the east of the University of Arizona, Third Street is bike-only except for local traffic and passes by the historic homes of the Sam Hughes neighborhood.

Western Tucson encompasses the banks of the Santa Cruz River and the foothills of the Tucson Mountains, and includes the International Wildlife Museum, Sentinel Peak, and the Marriott Starr Pass Resort & Spa. North Tucson includes the urban neighborhoods of Amphitheater and Flowing Wells. Usually considered the area north of Fort Lowell Road, North Tucson includes some of Tucson's primary commercial zones (Tucson Mall and the Oracle Road Corridor). Many of the city's most upscale boutiques, restaurants, and art galleries are also located on the north side, including St. Philip's Plaza.

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