Prospective Residents Resources

Prospective Resident FAQ

  • How much is your application fee?

    Our application fee is $55 per applicant (subject to change) age 18 and over. Every person age 18 or over that will be living in the home must complete an application.
  • Who needs to complete an application?

    Any person who will be living in the home for more than a 2 week period and is 18 or over.
  • When can I see the home?

    You can see the home at your convenience. We have a video tour of the home posted on our website that you can view 24 hours per day. In addition, all of our vacant homes are placed on a Codebox. The Codebox allows you to schedule a self-tour at your convenience. You may schedule a showing time at our website at and then click on the “Find a Home” tab on the top of the home page. You will then search for the specific home you are interested in and click on the “View details” button for that particular home. That will take you to another page with the details about the home and you can then click on the “Schedule a Showing” button. Then follow the directions and complete the form.
  • Why do I have to give you my credit/debit card to see the home?

    There is no charge to view the home, however, we need your credit or debit card to verify your identity.
  • When will I receive the Codebox code for the showing I scheduled online?

    You will not receive the code immediately after requesting the online showing. You will typically receive the code approximately 15 - 30 minutes prior to your scheduled showing time.
  • Can I see a home that is occupied?

    Out of respect for our current residents, we only show occupied homes after receiving a completed application. Please note that we will not process the application until after you have seen the home. The fees will not be refunded.
  • How long does the application process usually take?

    The application process typically takes 1-3 business days. The processing time typically depends on how long it takes for us to receive your prior rental history. We encourage you to give your past landlords a heads up that the verification request is coming and ask them to return it to us as quickly as possible!
  • How are your applications processed?

    We process our applications on a first come, first serve basis. This is determined by the date the completed application is received. If we have not received your completed application, we will move on to the next applicant. Once we begin processing the first complete application, all other applications are held in a backup status, unless you advise us that you would like to withdraw your application. If the first applicant does not qualify or they withdraw, we will move on to the next completed application. Your application fees and fees are non-refundable.
  • How much is the security deposit?

    Although the security deposit amount may vary per home, it is typically 1.5 times the monthly rent. Please refer to the individual listing of the home to confirm the security deposit for that particular home.
  • Can the security deposit be broken down into payments?

    Typically, the answer to this is no. But there are unique circumstances when this is possible. If so, it will be stated in the details of the listing of the home.
  • Are there any other additional fees that I will need to pay?

    Additional fees will vary by home, but if you have a pet, here are the additional amounts you will need to be ready to pay (all are subject to change):
    • $150 pet fee, per pet
    • $25 pet fee per month, per pet
    • $125 tenant administrative fee, per tenant or cosigner
  • What do I need to pay after my application is approved?

    Once your application is approved, you will have 24 hours to sign your lease and pay the following:
    • First month’s rent or pro-rated rent
    • Your security deposit
    • Pet Fee, if applicable
    • Pet administrative fees, if applicable
    • Monthly pet fees, if applicable
    • Tenant administrative fees
    • Cosigner administrative fees, if applicable
    • Please note that if you cannot pay these amounts, the house will NOT be held for you.

  • Can I pay the security deposit up front to hold a home?

    No, we do not hold homes nor ask for security deposit up front. We process applications on a first come, first serve basis. Upon your application approval, we will need the required funds within 24 hours from when we send the lease.
  • How much is your tenant administrative fee?

    The tenant administrative fee is $125 per applicant/cosigner (subject to change).
  • Why am I being charged a tenant administrative fee?

    We have taken numerous steps to comply with the Federal “Red Flags” rule that are designed to protect you from identity theft, such as:
    • Employee training on policies and procedures to identify red flags
    • Setting up your file so it complies with all rules and regulations
    • Storage of your records for 5 years
    • Disposal of your records
    • Protecting your records while we store them
  • Can I wire the initial funds to you electronically?

    No, your initial payment must be paid with certified funds such as a cashier’s check, money order, or Rent Money.
  • Is the home in a “good” or “safe” neighborhood?

    This is a question we cannot answer for you. This is for a couple of reasons. First of all, we don’t know how you define “safe” or “good” and every person defines it differently. Secondly, because we are real estate licensees, we could be held legally responsible for applying our own criteria to answer your question. Therefore, we ask you to complete your own due diligence to make that determination for yourself.
  • Is a washer, dryer, and/or refrigerator included with the home?

    This varies for each individual home we offer for rent. Please refer to the listing. If it is not specifically listed, odds are it is not included. However, if this is critical to you and you would like to be absolutely certain, please contact our office directly.
  • Are any utilities included in the rent?

    Typically they are not. However, sometimes, water, sewer and trash service are included because they are part of the HOA dues that the owner pays. Please refer to the listing of the home for exceptions.
  • When is the home available for move-in?

    The availability date will vary for each home and is shown in the listing information of the home.
  • What school district is the home located in?

    Although we may know what school district the home was located in at one point, school district boundaries are subject to change. Therefore, if this is an important consideration for you, we ask that you contact the school district directly to confirm that the home is located in the school district boundaries.
  • Who pays the HOA dues?

    The property owner will continue to pay the HOA fees.
  • Are pets allowed?

    Whether or not pets are allowed can vary from home to home. However, this information can be found in the listing information of each specific home.
  • Do you accept cash?

    We have many options to pay your rent, but cash is not one of them. You can pay online via e-check or credit card, or you can mail in a cashier’s check or money order.