Current Residents Resources

Current Resident FAQ

  • When is rent due?

    Your rent payment is due on the first of each month, unless your lease says otherwise.
  • How can I pay my rent?

    You can pay rent on our website via echeck or you can mail in or drop off your check or money order.
  • Do you accept Cash?

    Sorry, we do not accept cash. However, you can obtain a money order and submit that for payment.
  • When do I get my security deposit back?

    You will receive your security deposit reconciliation within 14 business days of your move-out. If there is any damage found that was your responsibility, the security deposit will be deducted by that amount to cover the expenses to repair the home.
  • If I decide to move out, what do I do?

    If you decide to move out of your home, please contact us immediately and complete a move-out form. We will send you a move-out package that will help you prepare for the move. Please take the time to review it carefully so you will have a smooth move out process.
  • Can I be at the move-out inspection?

    Yes, you are welcome to be present for the move-out inspection.
  • How do I get a mailbox key?

    You will need to contact the post office that serves your home. They will explain their requirements for obtaining a new mailbox key.
  • How do I get a pool key?

    Pool keys are typically provided by the property owner and we will pass those along to you. However, there may be unique circumstances, so please contact your property manager with any questions.
  • I’m already moved into my home but want to get a pet, what do I need to do?

    The first thing you will need to do is contact your property manager. The property manager will determine if the owner will allow pets. If so, your next step will be to complete an application for your pet and submit it to your property manager. The property manager will then close the loop with you to let you know whether or not the pet was approved.
  • What happens if I can't take care of my yard?

    If you cannot personally take care of the yard as required in your lease, you may hire someone, at your expense, to maintain the yard for you.
  • When will my cooler be turned on/off?

    Coolers are typically turned off in the October/November time frame and turned back on in the March/April time frame.
  • What is an emergency?

    Emergencies are defined as: fire, flood, major roof leaks, air conditioning or heating breakdown, sewer line backup, electrical outage endangering life, interior or exterior water/sewer line breaks and the smell of gas odor. If you smell gas odor, immediately evacuate the house and contact Southwest Gas Corporation, 877-860-6020. Call 911 for emergencies causing immediate danger such as fire.